Taking flight and moving onwards

Eagle is ready to take flight

In March 2021, I started the journey of Amal Fellowship. Before the first session, I was not sure if i will be able to give these hours of my precious time (which otherwise I would have spend playing computer games or watching movies) to Amal Fellowship. But once I came to know how it is going to be and how much i am going to learn ( only realised this during the fellowship) and most of all the beautiful time with all these Amal Fellows, I wanted that these three months will never end.

In the last session, “Taking Flight” even though a part of me was relived that Another Journey has ended and another milestone has achieved but when i listen to all these fellows talk about their reflections, I realised how much I was going to miss after that.

Sometimes just being able to connect to someone by just listening to them is more thoughtful than other productive activities.
Even though the official fellowship is ended but all out batch mates have made a pact (non verbal) that we will always stay in touch and be there whenever any one of us need us.

We have learned alot in this Fellowship. To summarize it, we are ready for practical implementation of “Amal, Khudi, Kam kam kam and Ek aur Ek Gyarah”.

Keep up the spirit B190.

A picture from our Session 1. I just love it.



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Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib, a Certified trainer, Entrepreneur and Social Activist. Saqib is a keen observer, learner, an adept Public Speaker, and an avid reader.