Reflection of Amal Totkay

Aftab Saqib
2 min readApr 9, 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Totkay”?

Well my thought about Totkay was like, “ Totka for hair fall”, or “Mehbub apkay qadmon main (just on a lighter note), so what kind of Totkay, Amal is going to suggest us for developing a Growth Mindset. Do we have to stand on a single leg for whole night and stand on our head for ten minutes everyday?

(Obviously no)
So the question is “What is Totka?” and after giving it a deep thought and going through the document “Reflection of Amal Totkay” my mind is clear about meaning of “Totkay”. In common words “Totkay” are some easy steps we do in order to achieve some thing bigger and more impactful.

Amal Totkay or tips for developing a growth mindset are quite simple and easy. And most important of all unlike desi totkay, They make sense.

I think they refined these tips after years and years of research and understanding of human mind set.

The takeaway of these small tips is simple. “Developing a Growth Mindset”.
Among all, my fav tips are “Create new habits” and “Ask others for help”. Because thats what I am lacking most. I do try new things, but creating a complete new habit? Thats not that hard just requires consistency and dedication. Just like we have created a habit of checking our phone even if its not needed.

And thats what i have started Immediatly. The new habbit i am going to adopt is complete one task before starting another.

But to develop a Growth Mindset, We have to start following Amal Totkay from now.



Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib is a Certified Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Business Development Consultant with expertise in coaching individuals and startups.