Exploring Nature “An Important Need”

Aftab Saqib
3 min readApr 9, 2021

We are in the era of Globalization and digital technology. From work to entertainment, every thing is dependant on a gadget or a device. Get togethers and hang outs are replaced by social media interactions.

And with current Covid-19 situation, the lockdown and quarantine has forced us to stay indoors as much as possible.

This has effected us in many ways, including physical and mental limitations of our body.
Thats why a need for exploration of nature and tourism is very important to help us ease our mind to learn about how we are effected by everything around us.
Awareness about exploration of nature and environment is very much needed.

On way to Mukshpuri Peak (Ayubia National Park)

So, I went for a hike to Mukshpuri Peak, located at Donga Gali in Ayubia National Park region. The journy took around 3 hours from Islamabad. Due to Covid, there were very less tourists.

Remnants of Snow

The hike towards peak took around 1 hour. And i found snow at several parts. Even in the month of April.

There were just a few people who came for hiking there. I asked a few of them about their opinion regarding Exploration of Nature. A person name Usman Ali replied, “Although it is my first time to visit a natural place but now I know what I was truely missing. Before that i used to visit Public parks or Markets for recreation but visiting and exploration Natural Places like is way better. I helped me forget the wordly worries and feel the freedom”.

Photo Bombed a random group

This group of students were posing for a group picture and i just photo bombed their picture for fun. After that, I had a very wonderful conversation with them regarding Nature, their fields of Studies. It was a very good opportunity for real life social networking.

I also met a few locals there. Some were horse riders while others were small vendors. They said that their way of making a living is directly effected by number of tourists who come here.
So exploration of such places is not just helpful for us but also important for local community.

From top of Mukshpuri peak, mountain ranges of Kashmir, Gilgit and Kpk are visible. And it is wonderful feeling to spend some time on the top of a peak at at 9816 ft above sea level.

We can overcome this lack in Natural Exploration and tourism by awareness campaigns and arranging tours to natural places.



Aftab Saqib

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