Everday Acts of Kindness

Aftab Saqib
3 min readMar 26, 2021

Most of the times there are very small things which become a reason to bring smile on someone’s face. Sometimes just a smile is enough to receive one back. Our lifes are affected by very small acts of kindess perform by us or someone else.

Acts of Kindness

I share a room with two other friends. Normally we do all the necessary chores together. I started my small acts of kindness with Cleaning our room alone. And when they came back from work and saw the room, The smile on their face and appreciation in their eyes was just wonderful.

We often goes to cafe for lunch or just a cup of tea. Today i went to Quetta Cafe in Melody Market alone but asked for two cups of tea. When The Waiter (who is a young and wonderful guy) brought two cups, I told him, One is for you. First he was surprised and then he smiled.

The is really Fantastic

I live in Islamabad while my family is in Swabi. My Mom calls me everyday in the evening. Actually Its always her who calls me first.
This time, I called her in the morning, she picked up the phone and sound worried asking me if everything is alright becuase i never calls specially in the morning. And when i told her that yes everything is alright I just wanted to talk to you. Her happiness at the time was Pure Love. And thats when I realized, I need to do this more. I have to be more expressive of the care and love i bear for my parents.

Giving a positive feedback and compliment to my collegues is really encouriging for them. From Now on i will be doing my best to avoid sarcastic jokes (which I often do).

Giving compliments to a total stranger during Hiking, Helping someone (mostly strangers) take a perfect Picture, aur just sharing your bottle of Water are all small acts of everyday kindness.

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