Change in Perspective and Amal

Aftab Saqib
2 min readJun 4, 2021

You might have heard people talking about their life changing experiences. Some talk about near death experiences more impactful while others deem loss of loved ones, A life turning experience.

Amal Fellowship is nothing like that at all. It did not change my life. It did not show me some miracle that would make a successful person within a fortnight. It did not even teach some really amazing and rare technical skills.

What it did is showing me my own life. Amal fellowship made it possible for me to have journey within my own thoughts, my goals, my life direction, my skills, my strengths and weakness and most important of all Amal made me realize my own perspective and approaches towards different things in life.

There were many thoughtful activities and incidents during the whole fellowship but what impacted me the most was how we came up with our mega project.

When each member of our group presented their idea for the mega project I was confused as each one of the ideas was completely different from others. Each member has a different approach towards things and each member belongs to a different field. Naturally everyone thinks that their idea is better than others. At first I did not see any positive outcome. But when we started pointing out goals, outcomes and approaches of each idea and listed them down. After all the points were made, I was really amazed by them even though initially the ideas seemed completely different from each other, most of them shared the same goals and outcomes even having different approaches. So it enabled us to combine multiple ideas and came out with a refined version of all.

That was when my perspective towards difference among people was completely changed. I realized that when we focus on how we are alike rather than how we are different, we can really reduce harshness and be more tolerant to everything and everyone. And even then we can accept and appreciate the differences.

We are more alike than different.



Aftab Saqib

Aftab Saqib is a Certified Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Business Development Consultant with expertise in coaching individuals and startups.